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Quick definitions from WordNet (film)

noun:  a thin coating or layer ("The table was covered with a film of dust")
noun:  photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies
noun:  a thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things
noun:  a medium that disseminates moving pictures ("Film coverage of sporting events")
noun:  a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement ("The film was shot on location")
verb:  make a film or photograph of something
verb:  record in film ("The coronation was filmed")

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Phrases that include film:   film star, documentary film, photographic film, soap film, film fern, more...

Words similar to film:   movie, celluloid, cinema, filmed, filming, flick, picture, shoot, take, motion picture, moving picture, pellicle, photographic film, picture show, plastic film, more...

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