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We found 56 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word sight:
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Quick definitions from WordNet (sight)

noun:  a optical instrument for aiding the eye in aiming, as on a firearm or surveying instrument
noun:  the range of vision ("Out of sight of land")
noun:  the ability to see; the faculty of vision
noun:  an instance of visual perception ("The sight of his wife brought him back to reality")
noun:  a range of mental vision ("In his sight she could do no wrong")
noun:  anything that is seen ("He was a familiar sight on the television")
noun:  (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
noun:  the act of looking or seeing or observing
verb:  catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes ("He caught sight of the king's men coming over the ridge")

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Phrases that include sight:   out of sight, peep sight, at first sight, long sight, telescope sight, more...

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